The Intelligence - “Reading & Writing About Partying” b/w “Like Like Like Like Like Like Like” 7” (Raw Deluxe) / “Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long” b/w “Shitty World” 7” (Plastic Idol)

Intelligence - Reading & Writing About Partying 7"Intelligence - Fido 7"

The Intelligence puts conditions at random intersections between tool & die post-punk of the ‘90s and a surfy/wavo garage thing. Everything they do lately sounds familiar, from their last LP and this crudely-rendered pair of singles. You have to want to listen to a band constantly tweak its identity in order to get into them; maybe your life is in transition right now, so you can relate, something like that. The best song out of the four is “Like Like Like Like Like Like Like,” easily as good as anything INXS ever wrote. I mean that. This is their “What You Need,” and though it gets a little too weird towards the end, it’s a great example of what they do best, when they do it at all: a disinterested, syncopated, steady beat, some vocal barks, and most importantly a swagger. I’m not crazy about the rest of them, but at least “Shitty World” is fast and sort of raging. Between 500 and 600 of each of these pressed; new album out in a month or so. (