Various Artists – A Range of Greatdividing LP (Unwucht)

Greatdividing came to my attention earlier this year, via two oddly-packaged singles from Australia, completed in no hurry, and filled with a limited and head-scratching set of sounds. A Range of Greatdividing was included with that package as a CD-R, but my patience with those was too limited to bother. Thankfully an Austrian label has started up to press it onto vinyl as their first release. This wider berth allows us to see the whole of their worldview, and said outlook is indifferent basement rock destruction of mid-to-high quality. Tracks span the past two decades and then some, and I’d assume there are only a few participants across most of these projects. I like the acoustic strum doom march of Deep Brain Thrombosis, and the experimental, humorous oddball cynics behind the awesomely-named Rock Boycott, but we also get some Fall references through Shoptoprockers, muted whaling rock crush by feedtime-related project 3 Toed Sloth, and some crumbling jamm-o smegmo by Exiles from Clowntown. 300 pressed, in specially cut, silkscreened sleeves. (
(Doug Mosurock)

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