Git Some – Loose Control LP (Alternative Tentacles)

Really annoying but somehow kind of decent crazy-man rock band outta Denver, rising out of the execrable Planes Mistaken for Stars. Everything about the first few songs on this, their second album – atonal chord progressions and tiring, overwhelming presence. Then a strange thing happens: they figure it out. This is straight up math/noise aggression, with really unhinged vocals by Luke Fairchild, which sound like Stephen Ratter from Slug with Jon Wahl’s hounddog drawl at the end. He’s trying out for the lead in the “Operaman” movie via Bobcat Goldthwait in Police Academy 2, which is a really hard sell. I’m still not sure if he made it work, but the band is at ease rockin’ between Jehu-style stress strum and amazingcore hammering, and has no compunction about riding the hairpin curves between both. The beginning and the end aren’t so great, but the middle chunk, a breathless 10-12 song stretch, depending on your tastes, is a ripper, the sort of cohesive/aggressive sort of thing that contemporaries like White Drugs (see below) have difficulty with. Planes may have just been a terrible band with talented members, and in Git Some, they’re given a chance to flourish. (
(Doug Mosurock)

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