Two Tears – Eat People 7” EP (Kind Turkey)

The first thing thing I notice about this Two Tears 7” is the how much more confident the singer sounds than the usual garage fare that comes through here. One of the persistent qualities present in the last few years of the greater garage domain is that the recordings getting smaller, the allegiances to genre stronger, and the horsepower of raw personality suffers. How many bedroom acts can measure up to the most tossed off Supercharger single? Too few bands develop a “voice” in the world of reverb, lazy recordings, and Ian Curtis imitations. So, I’m not surprised to find that this is the work of somebody who knows what they’re doing: former Red Aunt Kerry Davis, with a welcome push into the male dominated One “Man” Band scene. She sounds charming and confident on these three otherwise minimal, western tinged garage songs. “Eat People” and “Heisse Hexe (Hot Witch)” are quicker and hooky, where “Senso Unico (One Way)” is a slow, Haunted George styled grind, Ms. Davis howling “I hate my life” over heavily tremolo’d guitar, a kick drum/tambourine thud, and sparse twangy leads. Despite the relative minimalism the songs remain memorable with enough hooks to keep me (and you) engaged. (