Dimples – Council Bluffs LP (Holy Smoke)

Dimples LP

This is the best part of reviewing records. Some nondescript looking thing shows up, vaguely named, looking like an Ebullition release from 1995, and then it totally blows your hair back. Council Bluffs is like a wild, basement level Exile on Main Street. Saxophones freakout and wail, guitars switch from cleanly overdriven to ratty $2 fuzz box feedback, and the whole thing takes on this air of desperation, teetering on the edge of sliding out of tune. Despite its punk looseness, a lot of ideas are worked out in a classic rock tradition, from big riffs, to slacker choral groups, big stomping soul numbers, and some country touches. At its core Dimples remind me of a non-Vegas Rocket From The Crypt, and Come on Everybody Let’s Rock era Oneida. The singer sounds a lot like Speedo Jr., and to wit, a sneering Axl on the slower numbers. I believe it’s the project of young Stones & Stooges worshiping Gainesville to San Diego transplants. A guileless and fun record that isn’t likely to be welcome at the moody, image crafted party of the current zeitgeist, but I’d still urge people to track down a copy. I’d love to know more about these guys and girls, but there’s no information to be found online, outside of an empty Myspace page with a dreadful layout. (