Gold-Bears – Tally 7” EP (Magic Marker)

Once again, the universe intervenes and halts my possible removal from this mortal coil via my own hand. Why would I do this? Well, one reason would be a succession of 7”s that sucks away my faith in the current state of whatever it is I do this for in the first place. Remove the animal reference from this band’s name, and this EP would be flawless, relative to what it is trying to accomplish. It’s right there in the one-sheet (hey, they’re written to be read, right?): The Mountain Goats, the Wedding Present, early My Bloody Valentine, and Boyracer can all be clearly heard in these three songs; each sandwiching a perfectly-workable (and real) hook in some teeth for a change. If you went apeshit for this kind of thing in 1991, 1997, 2002, 2007, or yesterday, go find this EP, go see this band, write an e-mail and encourage them to record a full-length. Put out their full-length. Offset the shit-saturation one band at a time, and then the Culture Wars of 2013 will be just that much shorter (and less bloody). On white vinyl. (
(Andrew Earles)

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