The Soft Moon – “Breathe the Fire” b/w “Phantoms” 7” (Captured Tracks)

You know that current trend of reverby vocals over a vaguely 80’s claptrap that has been all over the place lately because the world is a mean and horrible place? The Soft Moon isn’t like that; on the A side, instead of singing over the clanging, repetitious drone, whoever vocalizes for Soft Moon whispers. If America can invade Vietnam based on pretending we had a torpedo shot at a boat, I shudder to think what this A-side can provoke. The flip is an inconsequential instrumental, inconsequential even by the standards of instrumental B-sides, that takes what seems like a hefty thirty years to get going, and you can almost hear the slide whistle go off. Joke’s on the listener. Apparently they have an LP out. but I [REDACTED] until you’ll need at least three or four steam cleanings to get it all. (
(Bob Claymore)